Upward Sale

Private Collection Venini is a new, innovative system that allows you to purchase selected objects from the Venini Historical Archive with upward sales, directly from the site.

The first step to be able to participate in online sales is to register on My Venini. For users who do not yet have an account, the registration procedure must be activated: a few simple steps offer the possibility to bid online, from any location and any device. To register with My Venini, you need to fill out the registration form and create an account. It is necessary to accept the General Conditions and to send a valid identity document to activate the account.
After registration, you will be able to access your My Venini area. Within 24 hours or as soon as the identity document is validated, it is possible to start bidding on items in active sales on the site.

The Upward Sale

Once the sale is online, you will be able to view the catalog of items for sale, whose files are complete with images and detailed information. It will also be possible to check the status of the single object by requesting the Condition Report. In addition, access to your account gives you the opportunity to see if, for the displayed object on which an offer has been sent, you are the highest bidder. To access your My Venini account you can use the User ID and Password defined during registration on the site or the default credentials received by e-mail.

Venini Private Collection

Once logged in to My Venini, it will be possible to offer directly from the listing of the item for sale through the bargaining features made available by the upward selling system. The contracting computer system is programmed to send automatic e-mail messages, with information on own offers and those of other users. Only at the end of the negotiation, and if the item is sold, will the winning user receive all the information necessary for the balance of the purchase.

The system of offers and raises in Venini upward sales

When you are interested in an object for sale, you can indicate to the system a maximum bid, or the spending ceiling that you do not want to exceed to purchase the object of interest. As a registered user for the sale, you can enter the maximum value you are willing to offer for a chosen object; the amount will not be known to other users participating in the sale, but it remains private information. By entering a maximum bid, the system generates autonomously and automatically bids each time an offer is made by another user, until the maximum amount indicated in advance is reached.
The automatic bid is increased only by the amount necessary to remain the highest bidder for that object or otherwise necessary to reach the reserve price.
In the event that user X sends an offer greater than or equal to the one selected by user Y but before Y's offer, the system communicates that Y's offer has been exceeded. This allows user Y to re-launch their offer. Upon expiry of the upside sale on the site, the object will be awarded if it has reached the reserve price, even without reaching the maximum bid indicated by the winning user.

It is essential to follow the bullish sale until it closes because the system is programmed to accept offers until it ends. For this, numerous offers are made on the final day of the online sale.

Therefore, we invite users to take advantage of the possibility of indicating a maximum bid for the object or objects of interest to them. Furthermore, there is the possibility that the postponement of the closing of a lot may occur because, similar to live auctions with auctioneer, the system can also accept last minute offers. In this case, the closing of the lot will be postponed, giving other users time to make any bids. However, the extension of the closure of one lot does not affect the closing date of the following lots.

From the My Venini private area, you can consult the status of the offers for each individual lot for which an offer has been sent at any time. The system warns, also via e-mail, of changes in the state of the object in question.

Conditions of Sale

f you are the highest bidder at the deadline of the online sale, immediately after its closure, you will receive an e-mail to notify you of the sale. In addition, the user who won the item will separately receive an invoice for the amount of the lot, plus transport costs, any VAT and customs duties, together with the payment instructions.

Items sold through the Venini upside sale method will be delivered exclusively by courier or can be collected at our office:

Venini S.p.A.

Fondamenta Vetrai n. 50
30141 Murano - Venezia, Italy
T +39 041 2737232
P.IVA 00577980279

Venini S.p.A.

via Giotto n. 5
31021 Mogliano Veneto, Treviso, Italy
T +39 041 2737230
P.IVA 00577980279

If you want to contact us to receive detailed information on our timed auctions and how to participate in Venini online sales, you can fill out the information request form or contact us by phone.