Venini Museum Archive

There is too much gold in Murano. I would like to lose my sight in rare and light things, between the simple and the adorned.

Paolo Venini
Thus Paolo Venini, the name of someone, and of something, evokes a harmonious position, of intense agreement with things. He indicates a tone, a halo, a grace by which we are touched and invited to look in the transparencies of the dense traces of colour hit by the light. Colour in constant evolution and in direct communication with the atmosphere ready to amaze the perceptual experience.

Before being observed slowly, Venini's creations ask to be understood. Like apparitions or omens, reflections appear removed from the infinite barely visible matter, an instant they are essence and an instant they are imperceptible. Each Venini object, although present in the history of glass art, has come out of time, is a respite from the incessant flow. It has a memory of tradition, turned to the future with innocent invention.

In the garden of the mind it places a breath, from a vase to a bowl and then goes to a plate or a figure and returns a moment of light between the sky and the water of Venice.

Each object expresses a fascinating past saved from extinction. It preserves a true legacy of continuous contamination and suggestions, preventing the unspeakable and ever-changing experimentation of masters, designers, artists and architects from being enclosed in pure stylizations.

Thanks to the incessant artistic collaborations it was possible to give life to infinity enclosed in a breath, between the two sides of transparency.

Today, almost 100 years after the first Venini collection, we dedicate a partition to the use and private sale of collectors for objects selected by the Venini Historical Archive.

The objects are part of past productions including prototypes, author proofs and unedited personal commissions.

Private Collection is the idea of ​​combining the past with the future, through the exclusive presentation and sale of objects kept in the archive rooms.